20161012 - Dozen Singers

20161012 - Up and out late; I need to stop buring the candle at both ends... In to work and getting things done as fast as possible so I can meet L and the boys for eye exams this afternoon. Headed out early stopped by the Scout store to pick up awards. Got the awards and then headed home to wait for J to get home from school J home and we headed to the eye dr. When we got there D was done and gone, L was trying on glasses and G running around. I got my exam done and need new glasses, mainly because my snapped in half, L needs reading glasses, she was upset I didn't let her get the $210 pair they had fitted her with, $5 CVS readers will work just as well... D needs new contact, and J&G need nothing... Done from there and all met back at home. L&J headed out first to J's choir concert, G&I shortly after and D stayed home to work on his Eagle Project. There were only about a dozen boys in the 7th grade choir and they did good. J is so freaking tall! After the concert G&I headed to Kroger to get ice cream and chocolate sauce :-) Home and had ice cream and watched some TV.