20161014 - Perfect Night for Baseball

20161014 - Up in the am and in to work.  Had a young man that worked here before that quit came back to see me for a job.  I was sad when he left and thrilled to see him. AND lucky for him there was an open spot!  So the day started off pretty good.  Finished my day up in good time, headed to an auction house that was closed, on to another that was open and a 3rd to get the final stuff.  Home and L&G headed to the ballfield first, then D, DGF7, J&I headed to the ballfield where G's new team was playing his old team :-o  It was really good to see all the boys and families again.  The Lions played some good baseball and G got to pitch against his old teammates striking them out 1, 2, 3.  After the game L had made cupcakes for both teams for G's bday.  Home and the McClains and Georges came over for some beers and to watch the Indians game.  A lot of fun as always.  I headed to bed with horrible stomach cramps.