20161008 + Cute Couple

I20161008 - Up I. The am and G&I to Academy park where G helped his old team out with a scrimmage. Home and I cleaned out all of the consignment items out of the office and got them relisted and organized. D took one of his old wooden bats that he cracked and made himself a new gearshift for his car and then took his car to get washed. Gma&paB and the Coles came over to watch the OSU game. It was a good game and a nice visit. During the game D got himself all cleaned up and ready for Homecoming. L, Nicole, and GmaB were all over him and went with him to pick up his date and get pictures taken. Everyone back to the house for some lunch, a fire and some s'mores. After the game everyone headed out. We got the house cleaned up and I finished cleaning up the consignment stuff. D to home late and told me all about the night, he had a blast!