20161025 - World Series

20161025 - UP and in to work trying to tie up a million loose ends so I could take tomorrow off. Seems more stressful to try and get some time off... Got done late and headed home. L out running errands, I ate leftovers, D listing things, J on the xbox (didn't end well for him), G reading in the living room. L home and we headed downstairs to watch the opening game of the World Series between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. Neither team has been to the Series for over 50 years and it was amazing. GmaW & I had been trying to get tickets for her, Uncle Russ, D&G to go but since neither team has been to the Series in such a long time and they cities are so close together the ticket prices were OUTRAGEOUS!!! The Indians won game 1 in a shutout! To bed LATE.