20160927 + Family Run

20160927 + Up early for a call on the way into work. This is going to be an interesting day... Busy day, built an app for one of the programs and found 1716 minutes of waste in our process per day, that is 28 hours, or 3.5 people... Headed out a bit early to J's cross country meet. J had his best time of 14:25. After the kids ran the parents were to take a lap on the course. D&I walked it and took a couple shortcuts ;-) L walked the entire thing following the rules, J ran with his buddies and G ran the whole thing, did a mile in 7:25 :-o After the meet D headed to his GF's, and the rest of us home for dinner. LG&I hung out and watched some TV, J worked on his lacrosse stick. D home and all to bed.