20160910 - Cloudy Skies over the 'Shoe

20160910 - Up late, L getting ready and running errands, D listing and running errands, J watching TV, G back to the park with a buddy. John & Mary swung by for a visit and to drop off an OSU Football ticket.  Everyone back home and then headed to the OSU Football game with the whole clan.  We got to the stadium in good time and got to watch the band come in and do a double 'Script Ohio'.  The game was good until about halftime when the clouds rolled in and opened up a torrential downpour...  They cancelled the halftime show and delayed the game.  We hung out the the Terry's and weathered the storm until they restarted.  We stayed through the 3rd quarter and then all completely soaked and the victory a sure things we headed home. Home, cleaned up and fed, D headed out and G&I headed over the the McClain's for a visit.  Wet day, but still a favorite!