20160926 - Bushman

20160926 - Up in the am and in to work. took a drive around the building to make notes this morning and have the network team here on sight to check things out. Day at the desk and full of meetings. Ran past an auction house on the way home. Home and D had picked up auction items, dropped stuff off at the USPS and been to his girlfriend's before stopping home to change and go to Scouts. L picked J up from Soccer practice and he spent the rest of the night in the garage working on his lacrosse stick fabrication. G&I hung out in the backyard, digging balls out of the brush, teaching G how to play Othello and having ice cream. Off to Bible Bangers for a good meeting, no Doc tonight, he has $ on the debate. Home and listening to the review of the debate on who won, who lost. I will say the loser in this race is very clear, the American People. In the system that we have and the state our society is in the candidates presented are neither appropriate or trustworthy. There may be multiple candidates, but there is no acceptable choice.