20160918 - First @ 3rd

20160918 - Up G real sick, L staying with him. DJ&I to Grove City for D's double header, that got moved to Westland High School. Pretty day for baseball, D's team was way outgunned and lost both games. It was fun for the boys, once it was obvious that it was going to be blowouts the teams just had fun with it and were talking and joking back and forth. L took G to the Dr. when his fever hit 104 and the constant pain in his lower back. G got his first set of x-rays. Home and we stopped at Dave's warehouse to get an update on the candy making process and to pick up inventory for OhiOOddities.com In the house quick to get G and ran to the local league's field-house to get G suited up in catchers gear. He got all the fixins for $40 and it raised his spirits a bit. Home and L to school to do whatever, D off to see DGF7, J in the basement playing xbox, G crashed on the couch, I reviewing online auctions and relisting stuff.