20160924 - A Lot of Running

20160924 - Up in the am and LG&I headed to J's cross country meet. J ran a 14:28. After the meet we all headed home for a quick break. D home and cleaned up, then we all headed to J's soccer game. J played the whole game... They won 3-1. This means J ran 2 mile at cross country and god knows how much during the soccer game. Needless to say he was pretty grumpy the rest of the day... After the soccer game, GpaW & I headed to Lancaster to pick up some auction items. It was a long drive for the few things we got, but it took us past a TSC where I got a new belt for L's mower. Nice driv and good conversations. Home and we all hung out a bit. D umping a game at Academy, Gma&paW took J&G out for dinner and L&I went to a bday party for a friend of ours for a bit. It was a surprise party and she had no clue, especially since her bday is in Nov... After the party we went home and relieved Gma&paW and took J&G with us to the McClain's for a visit. J was a mess, but it is always fun and relaxing when we are with them.