20160912 - Win & Ice Cream

20160912 - Up in the am and in to work. Forgot my PC at home so had to drive in rush hour 3 times this morning... Finally at work and preparing for the customers visits tomorrow in my freezing cold office... At one point I got so cold that I gave up, went and got the facilities guy and had him climb a ladder and block off the ducts in my office... Left the office late and went straight to J's soccer game. He was running his butt off and playing really hard. They won 2-1! After the game G&I headed to the Mallonn's to help them fix their stove drawer that was stuck and then stopped at Scouts to get advancements. Home and chatted with Doc for a bit then in the house to watch some American Ninja Warrior and have ice cream with J&G before heading into the office for a late night of meeting prep.