20160920 - Sick Boy & Proposal

20160920 - Up in the am and everyone gone but G&I. We hung out and watched TV in bed until I got up and ready and did some emails and took a couple calls. G&I then looked through some old pics of him on the PC. I then made him some lunch, medicated him up and put him down for a nap. I got some more work done and then D got home. D&G headed outside and discovered that the neighbors had captured Lilly's friend the skunk! D headed out with his homemade softball rose bouquet for a homecoming proposal. L home for a min before heading out to J's xc meet. 

I under-cooked dinner before Lori got home, so she recooked it...  LJG&I ate.  D reported in, DGF7 accepted the proposal to go to homecoming :-)  D home and listed some things, G&I returned a movie and got candy at the gas station.  Home, little boys to bed, D purchasing parking permit, up late checking on auctions.