20160904 - 1st Time and 2nd Place

20160904 - Up in the am and LG&I headed to day 2 of baseball. G finannly relaxed, got to play some infield, had a couple of hits and had a good game! Gma&paW down to watch too. After.the win LG and Gma&paW headed out to get some lunch. I stayed and scouted the team we were to play next. Game 2 and the boys were not in it... John & Betty stopped for the game and it was not.impressive. They lost in 4 with lots of errors... It was second place, which is actually pretty impressive seeing that these are the first 4 games they have ever.played together... D left the field and graded to DGF7 to play putt-putt, J went with Gma&paW to get soccer cleats and LG&I headed home hot and exhausted. J, Gma&paW brought home Chinese for dinner. D home late and him and I stayed up and watched Texas beat Notre Dame.