20160930 + Wet Zoo Trip

20160930 + Up and to zoo.  Today I took the day off to go to the zoo with J.  In our group we had J, Josh, Ibrahim and Adam.  They were good and we walked and walked while it was sprinkling.  I got in a bunch of Pokemon steps and the boy goofed off and took loads of pics.  We made it tot he shelter for lunch right before it started lightening and thundering.  With all of the students in the shelter it was incredibly loud and chaotic, so I rounded my boys up and we headed out with umbrella hats.  We saw the rest of zoo, got a bit wet, but made it back to the bus in time.  Home and L here, couple things done at desk. G&I ran to Dave's warehouse to get some stuff and pick up some.videos. Everyone home and L&D picked up DGF7 and went shopping for D's homecoming outfit. JG&I met them at Belacino's for a dinner. All home and watched 'Central Intelligence' a super funny movie.