20160715 - Swing and a Miss

20160715 - Up early and heading in so I could spend some time in the new process to learn and study it. The VW dinged and said get gas. Went to the gas station and debit card declined. Tried it again, declined. Took it inside, thought they had it working, it crashed their system... On to gas station #2, Repeat process above... Finally got gas. On to Tim Horton's to get coffee and doughnuts for the team, card declined... Finally got doughnuts and coffee and on the road to work. Talked to the bank on the drive in, there was some sort of glitch at the first gas station that locked my card for 2 hours... FANTASTIC! In to work only 15 min early after wasting 45 minutes trying to get gas and doughnuts for people... At work, Printer doesn't work... Waiting to see what else is messed up...  Finished the day early and ran up to the Scout Store to get awards.  Stopped to get a hair cut then on to D's game.  D did not have a very good game, too many errors as catcher and striking out.  Gma&paW down to see the game and Courtland stopped by to watch a bit.  After the game we battled the traffic at Polaris to have a nice meal at Quaker Steak & Lube.  Headed home after dinner and chilled out watching a movie and planning for the weekend.