20160711 - Officially an Ohio Elite

20160711 - Up in the am and struggling to go back to work, YAWN.  Headed in and had an incredibly full fast productive day of getting things lined up and knocked down.  We locked the boys phones away until they got their Boy Scout list done for the day, it worked ;-)  L got the boys to the Dr for their camp and sports physicals and to the pool.  I stayed a bit late, ran home, ate quick, scanned in the physicals, made copies and then went to Scouts with D&J.  I dropped off the physicals, got some blue merit badge cards and then ran to John's house.  I talked to John about G and baseball and our plans to go with the Ohio Elite next year...  He was very understanding and it was a titch emotional as we have coached our boys together for the last 6 years :-|  Back to Scouts to get D&J, home, looked at the sink faucet to try and figure out why the pressure is dwindling... then to Bible Bangers where we spent the evening catching up on what is going on in each others lives.  Home and up late at the PC.