20160701 - Win + Co-Champs

20160701 - Up in the am and into work, J&G at home alone.  They called me a dozen times wondering when Gma&paW would show up.  Gma&paW got there and took the boys out for the day...  I headed home with Dave and dropped him off at the airport to pick up a rental.  L checked in, no games for them today and L,D&GmaB went to Ikea for most of the day.  I spent the afternoon cleaning up the garage from the countertop debacle...  All home and G dressed for the his game.  The boys played a great game and won their first game of the hometown tournament.  After the game John announced that we are co-champions of our COBYL division and the parents doused the boys with water.  Home and did some work on the kitchen.