20160705 + Pretty Night

20160705 + Up in the am and hard to go to work after that nice long weekend. Worked all day. J had a friend over and G played with them most of the day. D ran and picked up some auction items. We all met up in Baltimore OH for D's baseball game. D caught the entire game, did good, not any hits tonight, 1 sac grounder. G was the bat boy. J and Conor walked to the local dailry place and got me some dinner. Between innings I walked tot he woods and got J some pipestone.  D's team won 5-2. L took J and Conor home, Conor is spending the night. I took G home, D stayed to clean up the field. Home and G made us some ice cream and I had to defend my 'Trouble' world championship title by defeating G in 2 of a 3 game set. Penn stopped over for a bit. All boys to bed.