20160713 - 1 and Done

20160713 - Slow start into the office and a bunch of quick meetings in the am.  We have multiple customers onsite and big project beating on us...  I headed out to D's Jr. State Tournament and met up with L&J in the stands.  It was a quick game and D's team lost 1-0... Disappointed and back to work...  Finished the busy day and headed home.  L had a nice dinner and we all ate together.  D headed out to stay with a friend for the night, the Mallon's brought over their dog and for a visit while their hose was getting exterminated and G&I headed to the McClain's to replace their water heater.  After further investigation we believe it is not the water heater, but the AC drain leaking on the floor.  We are going to watch it for a couple of days to confirm the water heater is fine.  That will same him $500.  I told Tom and Bill about G not playing for Gahanna next year and coach John sent out an email to the whole team letting them know...  Home and Jack;s buddy Conor is spending the night.