20160709 - G MVP

20160709 - Up early in the am and all down to breakfast then to the ballfields. We played a really good team the first game and we were not awake and had too many errors to pull out the win even with a strong late comeback... Everyone kind of broke up for lunch, I stayed and scouted another team we would eventually play. The second game the boys were ready to play and we won 21 to 6. G had 3 double a single and struck out 9 batters straight to win the game. The coach from the other team awarded G the MVP for our team, it was really cool We had plans for everyone to go to BWs after the game but somehow that got derailed and everyone broke out and returned to the hotel, some of the kids swam, L&I refused to be the designated parents tonight, but still were the only ones really paying attention and checking on the kids running around the hotel... We hung out on the patio and had drinks, listened to music and danced.