20160710 ‡ End of Season

20160710 ‡ Up in the am and ready for some baseball.  All of us moving a bit slower today from the festivities last night...  We managed to get breakfast and get to the field before the game.  The boys were not in it to win it so they lost the game and we were done with baseball for the season.  We loaded up the car and headed home, Tom was our only passenger for this leg.  We made one stop in Columbus IN to see a veteran's memorial that was supper cool and had emotional letters from soldiers on the pillars.  Back on the road and drove straight to a hug flea market in Ohio where we got some good fair food and a funnel cake that took 20 minutes to make...  Back on the road for a short hope home.  We unloaded everything and headed to the pool to relax from the long drive.  We grabbed some food on the way home and then hunkered in for a movie before heading to bed.

Interesting Statistic: G's team scored 493 runs throughout the season.  G was part of 110 of them, 22% (57 runs he scored, 53 RBIs).