20160720 + Hot Game and Swimming

20160720 +  UP in the am and dressing for a baseball game instead of work in my 2014 Gahanna All Start tshirt and shorts.  Stopped at the gas station on the way out of town and ran into Geoff, a boy D's age that played for me on the 8th & 9th grade baseball teams.  He had the same shirt on, good to see him.  I got a doughnut for myself and a newspaper for D for one of his merit badges.  On into work and preparing for a quick morning before heading to the Clippers game with a couple of employees.  It was a HOT game, but a good time.  After the game I headed home and went to meet L&G at the pool for a swim to cool down from sitting in the sun for the afternoon.  D&J joined us later and they then stayed there for dinner.  G&I ran to the grocery to get ice cream and then DQ to pick up coneys for dinner.  All home and D's friend Austin came to spend the night.