20160717 - Cuts, Tryouts, Heaters and Bugs?

20160717 - Up in the am and L&I headed over to Varney's to get J. They were painting the trim on the top of the house and we had some fun watching them plan to get a bees nest down. We ran to Lowe's to get so more tile and of course they were out so we had to run to another Lowe's to get the rest of it. We drove through Rally's on the way home and got so greasy food. Home and ate and L got to work on the final piece of backsplash, D packed up some items we are giving up on selling on ebay and took them to the Goodwill with J. When they got back I showed D how to cut the tiles and he took of cutting for L. G&I headed to Pickerington for the Ohio Elite tryouts. Brady was there and the 2 of them settled in for the 43 hour tryout. It was very organized and ended with all the boys there being split up into 2 teams and having a game. It was amazing to watch the talent on the field was top notch. We stopped at Steak'n Shake on the way home to reward the boys for doing great at the tryouts. Home and the backsplash looks great! G&I changed and then we all headed over to the McClain's for a cookout and water heater replacement party. We figured out we had the wrong kind of water heater so we headed to Lowe's quick and picked up the right kind and headed home to install it. Water heater installed in no time and then nothing... It would not light... ended up being a tiny pressure valve on the top of the water heater. I replaced the new valve with the one from the old water heater and it works. We made a late night trip to Meijer to see if they had plumbing supplies and struck out. Home L had the house stripped and doing laundry, convinced we have some sort of infestation based on the weird bits/rash patched JG&I have developed over the weekend... J&G sleeping in the living room. D home an hour late... Finally to bed after a super busy weekend.