20160726 + Spider Rower

20160726 + Up WAY TOO EARLY and we got something to eat for bfast. We headed to the lodge and geared up for the canoeing and kayaking adventure. We took a bus ride to the drop-off point, got some instructions and then set out on the Shenandoah River, LG&I in a canoe and D&J in kayaks. G was MORTIFIED the canoe was going to tip and screamed at every little rock in the boat, it was pretty funny. D&J did pretty good. J rowed with his arms way u pin the air and looked liked a spider having convulsions hahahah!

Done with our hot water adventure we had another bus ride back to the lodge and room. In the afternoon DG&I headed to Stanley VA to visit the Millcroft Farms Company, the makers of Shenandoah Valley Apple Candy, a gummy powder sugar covered delight GpaW remembers from his childhood. We were close to the factory so we made the trip, toured the factory and got GpaW one of every kind of candy they made.

Back to the room and I took a nap. up and over the top of the mountain for a magic show at the ski lodge. It was pretty good despite all the unsupervised children... We tried to at a place L had found, but it was outdoor seating only and it was still sprinkling. We ended up at an Italian place and had a huge meal. Bake to the room and DJG&I got our umbrellas and headed out for some Pokemon hunting and topped the night off with some ice cream.