20160630 - Serious Baseball

20160630 - Up in the am and headed to work. L&D to Cincinnati w/ GmaB for tournaments. D played 5 innings at 2nd base and got 8 outs, but they still lost :-( John picked G up and took him to the game in Pickerington, J out with the Mallon's to a pro lacrosse game and had a blast. I left from work and met G's team at the field in Pickerington. it was LONG GAME... We won 38-11. It was a LONG game... After the game G&I went to meet his new coach. He has a VERY impressive setup; a batting cage with a virtual stadium machine, a pool, basketball court in the basement and a full size wiffle ball field, with dirt baselines and grass infield, home run fence, and scoreboard. G was very impressed. Got home abut 11 and JG&I had some dinner. ALL to bed.