20160620 - Dylan Winger hits a TRIPLE

20160620 - Up in the am and dragging my butt back into the office to get caught up just enough to get out a day early again this week for more baseball.  Had the normal round of meetings and made the rounds on the floor.  During lunch I made a couple of calls and hit the Boy Scout store to pick up awards for the month and some gift cards for some folks at work that did extra stuff for me.  Headed to Zanesville after work to watch D play baseball.  Gma&paB came.  J&I compared phone cases to pick out what we were going to offer on the new site.  The game was pretty close and we were down 3-2 in the top of the last inning with the tying run on 2nd, D gets up and CRUSHES a triple!  The next batter hit Dylan in for a 4-3 lead that stood winning the game for the Grove City Post 164 Bombers!  L and the boys stayed with Gma&paB and I headed home.  I stopped and got Doc and we went to Bible Bangers.  Home and up late just because I was the only one home.