20160605 + Plant Waterer

20160605 + UP in the am and all to church. G sat with us and it was a loooong service. D&I dropped his car off to get the oil changed and the tires all re-balanced. Home and getting some things done. L&D headed to D's game in Sunbury. J and his buddy Conor were hanging out. G&I went to Meijer to get some stuff on the way to the game and by the time we got there it s POURING and the game was called. Gma&paW were there and we made the best of a wet day by hitting some antique stores and an early dinner in Centerburg. Headed home and G&I stopped to look at a motorhome for a minute and then went to his practice for a couple minutes. D headed to youth group and L got J. Bill ran me to pick up D's car and then G&L helped me fix D's speaker. In for the night watching the Cavs get beat bad and doing a couple things on the PC.