20160611 - Crazy Parents

20160611 - L&D up and out QUICK for a not communicated baseball game change super early. JG&I headed to G's baseball game where G got 3 doubles in 3 at bats! What a great game. L&D showed up at the end, the boys won 21-9! D only played a couple innings in the outfield for his team and then got stomped. After G's game DG&I headed to an auction house to pick up some stuff and then back home where some of the other coaches and their kids stopped by to hang out between games. It was fun and relaxing, we didn't want the boys wearing themselves out. Back to the field for a complete butt kicking by a rec team :-o Parents were pissed, it was a pretty stressful ending... Most everyone came back to our house to regurgitate the game.