20160626 + WINGER World Record Holders!!

20160626 + All up in and am and to the ballfield. The boys played a great game but just couldn't pull out the win. With dark skies rolling in and the AC charged we hit the road. A stop before we left town to see where the first automobile was driven and then on through the windmills and back roads to to the World's Largest Ball of Paint where we got to put on the 25, 187th layer and hold the world's record until someone else applies a new coat :-) Onward to a huge deli with more candy than food for a good lunch and snacks, with a stop at Paul Bunions statue, a metal man and an RC museum. We had to make one more stop at a dairy bar when the AC crapped out on us and then a final push to get home where D and Gary went to youth group and G&I tried out his rubber band plane we got at the RC museum. A long fun trip home!