20160618 + Reward for a Beating?

20160618 + P in the am and everyone to G's baseball game. It started of ok, Then D&L headed back to Xenia for D's game. Things sort of fell apart after the first inning... G's team got the beating of their careers... 24-4... G's last at bat he put one over the fence, but it was just foul :-( After the game the boys got a huge trophy, I don't understand how we got anything after a beating like that, but we had lost only to Elite teams, that can pull players for anywhere, while we are a Select team that only pulls from our local community... The boys played their hearts outs but it just wasn't enough... D's team had another loss and L&D stayed with Russ & Nancy again so they didn't have to make the long drive. G&I headed over to the McClain's for dinner. We stopped to take pictures of the Gahanna Varsity home plate and pizzas. We hung out a bit and then us dads took on the boys in a Wiffle Ball World Series game. We were down in the last inning and then Bill hit a walk off double! The boys were furious :-) Home and G&I hung out in bed and watched a movie before turning in for the night.