20160629 + Wrong One!

20160629 + Up in the morning and making preparations for the new countertop to show up at 11... 12... 1... Finnally the guys showed up and we were ready to go! HOLD ON A SEC... We bought a counter with NO SEAMS, why are there 3 pieces + a seam??? Hit the brakes... no counters for us today... I talked to the company and they are going to get us a new piece... in a couple of week... so the guys installed the 3 peice countertop for now so we had something to use until the new one came in... We packed up in the afternoon and headed to Powell to play in a second championship game against the team that beat us last night. We lost again :-( but D won his game! All home and settled in for a busy busy couple of days coming up on the road.