20160612 + Day with D

20160612 + Up in the am and getting things done at the desk. The house is quiet with G being away this morning. L&J got ready to head out to the pool and D&I headed out for errands. D got his car back so he drove. We went to the bank, get some gas for him, to an auction house and then to the guy's house in Canal Winchester that is printing stuff for us. We were at their house for several hours, longer than we expected, but we learned a ton and loved his mini factory he had set up in the basement. Totally cool! D&I went to a little local place for dinner, Shade's and it was really good. We headed home and stopped at a couple of Best Buy stores to see what was available for our trade and at Dick's to get a wooden bat for D. It was an expensive impulse buy... Home and we checked in with the fam, L&J had fun at the pool and G was back and had a great time with his buddy Brady. D&I stayed up to watch '13 Hours' and looked for a cheaper bat and ordered one.