20160604 - Fix-a-Flat

20160604 - Up in the am and to the desk getting things done. D headed out to his game and we all followed shortly after. D played catcher the entire 1st game and turned a single into a triple! D didn't play the second game and the team won both games. After the games LJG&I headed out to pick up some auction stuff. D called before we got on the highway and said he had a flat tire... Back to the field, we tried fix-a-flat... nothing... There was a Midas still open so we threw the spare on and limped to Midas. The guys made us a great deal and told us about the guy that just left, that got his finger cut off while he was there :-o New tire on and on the road. It was a shaky ride home, they didn't balance it very well... Home and buttoning things up for the evening.