20160622 - Scouted

20160622 - Up in the am and in to work. A long stressful day of meetings, Out late and stuck in traffic so I didn't get to score G's game, but that was ok I liked being only a spectator. Towards the end of the game a fellow walked up to me and let me know he was with the Ohio Elite U10 team and he had come to watch G play tonight for a possible position on his team for next year... :-o G had an awesome game with big hits each time he was up and some good pitching. LJ&G stopped by the Cole's on the way home, Nicole and Sam came to the game. I headed home and went back to the school to find D, he was working out and practicing ground balls, he left the TV on... Everyone home and we watched some TV on the new TV and it is ok. All boys to bed and I stayed up way to late working on a website.