20130826 - 14, 4 for 4, 3 for 4, Game Ball

20130826 - Up in the am and D is officially 14. We had bfast and he opened his presents with little excitement.  I ran off to work, they ran off I school. At work sometime I go outside to take phone calls if he weather is nice; today I did this and on my way back in, on the floor of our lobby was a single feather...  Finished up my day a bit early, ran home and looked at D's presents: super cool knife, manual for his Mercedes, a 3 color LED night hike flashlight and Bluetooth headphones. Everything was a success except the Bluetooth headset which actually had a wire :-(

Changed and off to baseball. It was a great game. D got to catch for 3 innings, was up 4 time and got 4 hits! and he scored 3 of the 4 times. He caught a huge hit deep to center and turned the game winning double play!

We went to BWs with some of the team after the game to celebrate the win and the bday!  Home and we measured D, he is only 1 inch shorter than L, and has grown about 9" in the last year. Happy bday my big boy!