20130829 - HE RIDES!!!!

20130829 - Up and into work.  We got a new hierarchy today... responsible for more with 1 more boss now, think that makes 5 bosses :-s  Left work a bit late, L&boys at an 8th grade football game, I went straight home and got ready for a meeting later tonight that didn't happen...  Everyone home and we had dinner and ice cream.  I was working on the mower, keeping an eye on G as he was trying to ride his bike, and PRESTO!!!!  HE GOT IT!!!  He didn't think anyone was looking, dropped his bike and turned around with the biggest smile in the world on his face.  I screamed YOU DID IT!!!!  I grabbed the camera and captured his second go of it for the world to see.  This was his last big boy milestone for the summer and he nailed it!  Over to Doc's to check his dryer, program the remote for his garage door opener, have a couple beers and sit and chat for a few.  Home and getting some things done.