20130821 - Full Dress

20130821 - Up and grumpily in to work. At the desk and another Wednesday meeting day...  Got through the meetings and headed home a few min early to get home, scarf down some food while changing and get my new Dodgers shirt out of the mail. I was coaching 1st base tonight in Coach Bob's absence after he was ejected from Monday's game.  I like coaching 1st.  I knew a lot of the other teams players from previous seasons and chatted with them during the game. It was a great game, very few errors and we won 10-3.  D had 2 doubles and we had the boys stealing on every pitch. Home and we had some more food, chatted about school, got cleaned up and little boys off o bed. D up doing homework, L planing D's bday party and I am posting eBay and blog entries.