20130824 - 72 Holes 6 in 1

20130824 - Shaken awake by G, "Come on Dad get up!  It's Our Dad and Me Day!!!"  Up and out we go. First stop the USPS to ship a package.  
Then some bfast at Waffle House. G got like the biggest meal on the menu. He did pretty good putting it down too.

Then I told him we had to stop at a store; he was bummed. That is until he saw it was the sport store where he got himself an awesome new bat!
On to Magic Mountain to play some skee-ball and other games while they finished the morning checks on the batting cages.  Then we went out and G did a good job breaking in the new bat.

Home for a quick change and up to G's baseball game.  G had a good game and was the first kid pitcher of the game.  This was his  first official pitching appearance and he didn't do too bad :-)  The boys got beat 15-0, but they still did well.

Home to change again and then up to Westerville for 18 holes of putt-putt. Then 90 more balls in the batting cages.  G did good in the 'Baseball Very Slow', but the 'Baseball Slow' just zipped by him.  18 more holes of golf, including a hole in one for each of us, and 90 more base balls latter, we were ready to move on. Back to Magic Mountain!

We got 120 tokens that resulted in 553 tickets that got him a cool baseball cup, 2 laffy taffy and 2 sugar sticks. He said, 'Can you believe we got all this for free, just for playing games!?".

Back out on the course for 2 more rounds of putt-putt. Quite the players we are, each getting 2 more holes in one!!!  Golfed out we tried our hand at the go-karts.

This was G's first solo drive in a go-kart. He did great!  Smiling from ear to ear and zipping all around. "Daddy can we do it again? PLEASE?!?!"  But of course!  So we raced again!

We then bumped our brains out on the bumper cars. It was a blast!

Time to go to the chocolate fountain place and eat a ton of mashed potatoes, lemons, chocolate covered everything and cotton candy!  Sufficiently stuffed we headed to the theater to catch 'Pacific Rim'.  We had to park a mile away, but found a shopping kart we rode to the door. The movie was really good, I only had to nudge him awake once 'during the boring talking part'...  Movie over and heading out of the theater G says "what else can we do?" (11:54pm).  I said let's get home and then we'll see. He made it about 20 feet down the road before he lost consciousness :-)

Arrived home at 12:09am. Boy ready for bed and we look at the picture of all the fun, cool stuff we did today. Still excited he said 'I can't wait to show mommy the pictures in the morning'. I hugged him tight and told him I wished we could do this everyday. My littlest man is getting big too fast. I'm up in J's bed now (J's sleeping in the basement with a buddy of his) because he didn't want to sleep alone. Typing this so I will be able to relive the fabulous day again and again. What a wonderful little boy he is. I am so so lucky.