20130802 - Flag Duty

20130802 - Up in the am and into work. We has another issue with timing of getting product in so I drove to Wilmington OH to pick up some monitors. Back to work an finished the day. Home and dropped the car off to get the tires balanced. LJ&G picked me up and then off to A-Major tryouts and draft. I got a call from the car place. There is nothing wrong with my alignment or tires....  My frame is just completely rusted out and the car is unsafe to drive...  WONDERFUL!!! Got a picture from a buddy that is at camp with D, of D folding the flag.  Finished the tryouts, grabbed a burger at Wendy's with John and then to the draft. We got some kids we wanted, tried to trade for a couple more but no luck...  We ended up with a solid team. Home and the Towlers hung out a bit. All boys to bed. Up late trying to find things to do with Jack for tomorrow's 'Dad & Me' day.