20130810 - 65

20130810 - Up in the am and I had to run a couple of errands in the morning.  I got those done and then the whole fam jumped in the car and we headed up to the Farm; Today is GpaW's 5th bday!  the boys played with the cats and ran around for a bit and then we gathered to give GpaW his gifts.  Funny, that hat fits the point on his head perfectly ;-)

After gifts we picked up another young boy that has been staying with his Gpa close to the farm and we headed to Cleveland; he is 14 a Boy Scout and plays a lot of baseball.  Needless to say D & him hit it off quite well.  We made a stop at a really nice little restaurant on the way North for a bite and then on to the ballpark.  This is G's 2nd big league game he has been to and he was in heaven.  There were some nice boys that sat close to us and included G in their antics.  We had a lot of snacks and a good time even though the Indians lost.  The best part was after the game, a HUGE fireworks display that was a 360 degree experience.  It was in sync with a tribute to the Rolling Stones and was quite an amazing show.  Game and fireworks over we headed to the car and made our way, running into some young motorcycle riders from Marion OH that went to school with Ryan and Tyler Winger, small world.