20130812 - Gahanna Modern Day Knights

20130812 - Up and in to work.  Got a task that will likely consume the rest of the week :-(  L took J&G to school to get registered and find out who their teachers were.  I got home and got some stuff ready for tonight's dinner and then and picked up D from baseball and got G's jersey.  A quick stop at home to get J & Doc and then we all headed to Gahanna Lanes for our Gahanna Modern Day Knights, Back To School Dinner and a Movie.  We had pizzas and the other fathers and I told the boys that we are all there to support them and stories of when we were in school.  The boys always seem to like hearing of the things we went through as kids and I think it helps ease their fears of going back to school in a new grade, new teachers and sitting with people they may not know.  G, just becoming a Page, got a special leather notebook with his name embossed in it (just like the one I take to work each day and each of his brothers have earned.  All the boys got some things as gifts and then as a group we headed to the movie 'Percy Jackson'.  It was a good movie and the boys had a good time tonight.