20130825 + D Bday Party

20130825 + Up and got a couple of things done. D's friends showed up and I took them to see 'White House Down'. I got their tickets and bought them a bunch of junk to eat and then sat a couple of rows back. It was a really good movie. The boys walked down to the pet shop and then I took them to Dublin's field of the World's Largest Corn to let them run around a bit and burn some energy. On to a Chinese buffet so the boys could eat as much as they wanted. I made them all eat with chop sticks. They are a pretty mischievous group and were putting soy sauce in each others drinks...  I drove them back home as they hung out the windows dancing and yelling out to people. I didn't restrict them too much, don't want to be a complete funsucker...  Home and the boys played in the backyard while I ran to get a new dryer.  Home to sing happy bday an have some cake. Gma&paW and Jennifer were here too. Gma&paW got him a really nice bike and his buddies gave h cash.  After the cake I had the boys carry the dryer into the house for me.  They played a little more and then headed home. This is for sure a different kind of party than we have had for D in the past; I guess that happens when they get big... :-(  L helped me install the new dryer, so she is good to go.  All boys cleaned up and ready for a new week.