20110828 + Slunday

20110828 + Up and a nice slow Sunday. We hung out all morning and then all headed out after lunch. We stopped by our geocache and dropped off two travel bug to start our race with a friend in California and another in Scotland. The placed travel bugs in their caches today too and we will see who's travel bug reaches the other's cache first. Next we dropped off some movies and then D and I went into Meijer to get a gift for a bday party he was going to. We ran home quick and got Lilly then dropped D off at the party. The rest of us went toMadison State Park we we took a hike, found 4 geocaches, walked over the damn, played in a playground and then tried some fishing. J showed G how to put a worm on a hook, and they cast off. The quote of the day came from J as he had a fish on his line and was excitedly reaping it in. We all rushed over to see the catch and then he said 'Ah it's just a damn old stick!'. I fell to the ground laughing, L the same and G saw his bobber go under and ha to run back to his rod quickly screaming. Back to town, picked up D. All home, cleaned, reading and bed.