20110827 - Big One 2

20110827 - Up in the am and LJ&G off to J's baseball game (they won 22-8!). D&I waited for the other to show up. When Van & Cole and Bob & Seth showed up we headed out. We stopped for supplies and then headed to Hocking Peaks for a zip-line birthday party. This is the first year we haven't had a huge party at home, kinda sad he's growing up and doesn't want party :-( We all got suited up in our harnesses and went up and up through the zip line course. D&I are old pros [D later said 'it get a bit less fun every time you do it', more growing up :-( ] and the others were wobbly, shaky and nervous.

We finished the course and all went down the super zip. Every one had a blast! On the way home we stopped for a roll down a dam hill, a geocache and blizzards from DQ. Home and the families came over for a cook-out, cake and presents. Here D is opening his favorite gift ;-)