20110821 - Wrap Up

20110821 - L was up early and went to a really nice service up at the Camp hosted by one of our relatives.  the boys played and there was family all around.  We met at the Barn and all took a hay ride to the Family Cemetery that Dad built a road to.  There they gave a talk about the trees that had been planted, the history of the cemetery and the memories of the sugar camp in the woods.  The boys played int he woods and had a good time. 

Back to farm and got the passengers unloaded.  I ran up to the Camp to help Johnny start his car and we all met up back at the Farm House for lunch.  People started to leave and we helped clean up a bit and hit the road for home ourselves.

Home and unpacked we headed out on some errands where I tried to buy a Google TV, but that didn't work out because Best Buy didn't have the required connectors...  But we had dinner with Cole's at Hometown Buffett and that was nice.  A LOT of family this weekend... 
Home, boys to bed and I snuck out to meet with Joe.