20110825 - Bus and Bats

20110825 - Up and since we missed the buss yesterday I went with D and the boy across the street to try our luck again. We walked to the elementary school behind the house and waited. While we were waking I got to talk with the principle and saw this enormous banner with J's pic on it! :-o So we waited some more with a handful of other students, including D's "Girlfriend", she is precious and speaks right up. The bus did arrive, 15 min late, but it did arrive.
Back home and at the desk all day. Ate a steak on the way out the door to J's baseball game, YUM! J had a GREAT game. He hit and got on base twice, struck out swinging once and caught the game ending pop fly to second base!!! Home boys cleaned up, D doin homework, I read a bit and then up on PC.