20110819 - Farm 4 Fam

20110819 -Up and worked like mad to leave a bit early today.  Well that didn't happen...  But when I could go L had the car loaded up with stuff, boys and a dog and we headed out.  First stop was a flea market to pick something up for Dad on way up to Farm.  We left town just as reports of horrible storms and flash flooding were coming in; we missed it all.  On the highway and 71N was a parking lot.  There was a South bound accident that had everyone rubber-necking and added an hour to our drive >:-(

We finally got to the Farm and had dinner with Gma&paW, Chinatown, our favorite!  Then Down to farm house for people arriving.  This is the kickoff of the Kohler Family reunion.  I recognized some, didn't know most and mingled a bit.  After folks headed out we went up to house hanging out then to bed.