20110820 - Family Everywhere!

20110820 - Up and down to the barn for my Dad's barn talk, where he went over the history of the barn and what he had learned from a guy that restores old barns.  It was a beautiful day and there were relatives ll over the barn and farm house just looking at things and talking about memories and getting reacquainted.  Ellen gave G a guided ride on Dusty, Jack got stung on the play-set and D played frisbee with his new found cousin from WA.

We took a break and headed up to Camp Mowana for lunch.  We then broke up into groups; some went on a hay ride to the family cemetery, some back to the Farm and some to the Falls and Pine Forrest.

After our walk we took a dip in the Camp pool and had fun throwing and dunking and messing around.  All cleaned up and back to the retreat center for a nice dinner and program.  There were poems read, memories shared, skits, pictures of people and the year they joined the family and this priceless classic of the Kohler family hoedown.

We stayed until late and then headed back to the Farm for bed.