20110806 + Got my Boy Back!

20110806 + Up early and off to Camp.  L&I headed out and got there i good time.  We took a nice stroll through the camp to get back to our Troops campsite.  On the back we meet up with some of the leaders and they said D had a GREAT week and he fit in and got along with everyone very well and all they all really like him :-)  We got to the site and D was busy with the other boys tearing down camp.  When he saw us he perked up a bit an allowed us to give him a hug.  They got their things packed up and did their final flag lowering ceremony.  Then the 'Old Crows' (adults) lined up on one side and the boys on another and they thanked each other and said some very nice things (Lori cried a little).  Then the back packs went on and out they hiked.  We said our good-byes and off we went. 
D told us all about his adventures and the Pipestone ceremony we gathered all the wood for.  What a fantastic right of passage for him.  he talked and talked the whole way back to Gma&paB's: with one exception when we stopped to get him some McDonald's chicken nuggets.

DJ&I took a tour of Newcomerstown and found some garage sales and Chinese food.  We had dinner and then headed home, got him unpacked and D&I stayed up and watched a movie.  Glad to have my boy back, I really missed him.