20110807 - Jack's Big Adventres

20110807 - Jack woke me up good and early for his 'Dad and Me Day'. It was pretty gray and rainy out but we got moving and out. We hit McDonald's for breakfast and then the gas station for 'supplies' ;-) Down the road and it started raining harder the closer we got to the first stop. But we didn't give up hope... We got to the canoe livery and got suited up. By the time we got to the river the weather broke and the sun came out.

We had a nice trip and stopped to skip rocks, eat candy bars and collect rocks. Jack tried to drive from the back seat a couple times, but I think he only went back there to splash me, I got him back though :-) We finished our trip and on the way back to the car we found some tadpoles and had to get some to take home with us.

With our new passengers we headed to the next stop. We got to the place in the woods and signed up and suited up. Then we hit the zip line course. It was really cool and fun. Jack did a great job and had a huge smile plastered on his face the entire time except when he tried the 'Snowboard' obstacles :-o But he back tracked a bit and took an alternate route and the smile returned. We made it through the 20 challenges and hit the huge zip line. What a blast!!!

Next stop was fast, as in go-kart fast. We got in our racers and burned up the track. He learned how to head me off and blocked my passes like a Nascar driver. He had a kiddie kart so I got past him a couple of times, but riding next to him and bumping into him was more fun than going by him for sure. After our races he was happy but not as enthusiastic as after last years ride. He's a bit older and wanted a bit more speed... We measured him so we know how much he has to grow next year to drive the bigger karts. An ambitious goal for the little guy...

Hungry now and out of things to do we went to the diner for a huge meal. L called an warned us of a storm heading our way and J was thinking hard about what else we could do. He really, really, really wanted to go back to the zip line... so that's what we did. I didn't go through the course with him this time, but followed him on the ground as he promised to do the 'snowboards' this time. When he got to the snowboards he froze a bit, but a promise is a promise and he did it with some encouragement from m and the guide. Very proud of himself his huge smile returned and he finished up the course. The last step was the huge zip line again. He loved it.

All adventured out we headed home. J made it only a couple miles down the road before he woke up at home. When we got home we realized we left the bag of rocks we gathered on the trip while we were messing with the tadpoles :-( but we got the 1 surviving tadpole in a new home and hope he grows. We got cleaned up and settled in the basement to watch some shows until 11pm.

Another GREAT DAY, with another GREAT BOY!