20110822 + 'Catch' up, CRASH

20110822 + Up and first thing this morning I discover my home PC has CRASHED.  I mean dead, completely not bootable DEAD!!!  UGH!!! :-(  I got my work in order and Gma&paW came down to take D out to get his birthday present.  I RAN out and got a new PC to set up tonight.  then finished my work day.  Gma&paW brought D home with a new set of catchers gear, very cool!  D had to get it all out and try it on.  In the evening I took D to scouts, JG&I played mouse trap while trying to recover data from my HD.  Dropped the boys off at home and out to meet with the guys.  After the meeting I got home to set up my new PC and discovered I bought the wrong PC, wrong connectors inside the box... (banghead)!!!